Moving with Mindfulness


Inversion & Backbending Immersion Weekend

Studio Hamburg

As a student you probably remember your first backbending and inversion experience and no matter what happened, you had the opportunity to learn from your experience. There is a difference between going through the motions and moving with mindfulness in yoga. You may be hyper-flexible and can easily drop into a standing backbend or be strong enough to power yourself into an inversion like handstand, but are you able to do either of them with mindfulness. That means engaging the breath, the body and the mind to move with more stability and ease and in your experience, reducing the risk of injury. This 3-day intensive is about developing or changing habits in your practice that will lead to a more fulfilling yoga practice for yourself and/or your students.

Topics include:

  • 2/90min. Classes with Eric exploring backbending and inversion flows and transitions through Vinyasa Flow style practices.
  • Preparation postures and counterposes for backbends and inversions.
  • Proper breathing in inversions and backbends.
  • Engaging proper muscle groups with safe movements:
  • Backbend anatomy (i.e. Shoulders, wrists, lower back, inner thighs, bandhas, core)
  • Arm balance inversion anatomy (i.e. Wrists, shoulders, hamstrings, bandhas, core)
  • Creative sequencing with backbends and inversions.
  • Building a class for backbends or inversions as a peak pose.
  • Maximizing prop, wall and pose modifications for all levels of student.
  • Self adjustments and hands-on adjustments for backbends and inversions.
  • Verbal cues for proper body alignment and bandha engagement for students.

early Registration (until 01.02.2016): 199,00 €
Regular Pricing: 229,00 €