Strap yourself in! Creative Propping - Workshop mit Eric Bennewitz


Yoga straps can be used to adapt to ANYONE'S level of yoga practice.

If you've ever been in a yoga class and not known what to do with a yoga strap or thought you were too cool to use one then we need to talk about the wonderful world of yoga with a strap.

Whether your flexible or not, intelligently adapting a yoga strap to your practice will open your mind to understanding your body better while developing useful techniques for releasing physical tensions and experiencing yoga postures at a depth you may not have thought possible before.

If you've ever come into a yoga standing or seated forward bend with pain, then this workshop will introduce to you how a yoga strap can bring relief by gently stretching and aligning the spine without overstretching tight hamstrings and lower back muscles. Tight shoulders? No problem. Using a yoga strap properly will minimize the strain, so you can focus on breathing in your yoga posture.

This 2-hour journey is recommended for yoga teachers as well, since it will inspire you to creatively and intelligently sequence straps into your classes.
Its time to make the yoga strap your 'friend' because it is one of the best props in your yoga practice. If your ready to add some spice to your yoga practice that will deepen it in many postures then prepare to......fasten your seatbelts and Strap Yourself In!

This training can be applied towards the completion of your 300hr teacher training certification through Satyaloka Yoga or taken to deepen your personal practice.

All levels of student or teacher are welcomed and encouraged!

Eric will be teaching this workshop in english.

early Registration (until 20.1.2016): 35,00 €
Regular Pricing: 40,00 €