Yoga Nidra: Simplifying Life for Anyone - Workshop mit Eric Bennewitz


Allow yourself to come into 'true relaxation' and restore balance to your overall well-being. As this practice simplifies life, its also amazingly simple to do—sitting still and quieting the mind are not requried—just sit or lie down, listen and notice. Who would have thought that something so effortlessly transformational could be benefited by anyone, anytime. Welcome to Yoga Nidra as adapted and guided by Eric Bennewitz, certified Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra guide.

Yoga Nidra is one of the simplist yet deepest meditations. The beauty of this practice is that ANYONE can do it regardless of having a regular yoga practice or not. It is not a practice of provoking change, but rather becoming aware and 'observing' the layers of being that exist in all of us according to yoga. These five layers, called Koshas, are explored in the stages of Yoga Nidra which take you from the gross to the subtle bodies of being.

With stress being the leading cause of many illnesses today and research showing the origins for many illnesses coming first from the mind and then into the body, adapting a consistent Yoga Nidra practice is an effective 'preventive medicine' tool for overall health.
Join Eric in exploring Yoga Nidra through discussion, yoga postures, breath work, Nyasa and Sankalpa meditations, body mapping and a Yoga Nidra meditation perfect for the winter season.

This workshop is ideal for ANYONE who is looking for a simple way to reduce physical, emotional and mental tensions while awakening the body's natural healing response, changing unwanted habit patterns and realizing your life's true potential. Through regular Yoga NIdra, we awaken to a 'life simplified.'

This workshop is led in English, however Eric understands and speaks German as well for questions and explanations.

Lies hier Eric`s Artikel im Happymindmagazine (dem zweitgrößten Online-Yoga-Magazin) über Yoga Nidra

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